Users of the Ubuntu operating system are faced with “Ubuntu Pro” ads in the Terminal.

The ad for “Ubuntu Pro”, Canonical’s updated support offering that pops up in the terminal when managing system updates, has sparked a lot of discussion among Linux users.

Ads in the Ubuntu Terminal outraged users

On the one hand, this advertisement in the Terminal is technically an advertisement, but on the other hand, the Ubuntu Pro service is a free service for ordinary users (up to five devices). Therefore, the offer is not an advertisement that would generate revenue for Canonical. Such an offer is more like an announcement about the availability of a service to raise awareness.

In any case, pasting an offer/entry or an advertisement for a Canonical service into the command line (in the terminal that people use to avoid this kind of trouble) and not providing any way to “opt out” of it is overkill.

How do you feel about such posts/ads in the Ubuntu terminal?

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