KaOS 2022.10 is released, a continuous update distribution aimed at providing a desktop based on the latest releases of KDE and applications using Qt. Of the distribution-specific design features, one can note the placement of a vertical panel on the right side of the screen. The distribution is developed with Arch Linux in mind, but maintains its own independent repository of more than 1500 packages, and also offers a number of its own graphical utilities. The default file system is XFS. Builds are published for x86_64 systems (2.9 GB).

KaOS 2022.10 distribution released

In the new release:

Desktop components have been updated to KDE Plasma 5.25.90, KDE Frameworks 5.78, KDE Gear 22.08.1 and Qt 5.15.6 with patches from the KDE project (Qt 6.4 is also included). Improved Wayland support.

Updated package versions, including Linux kernel 5.19.13, Gawk 5.2.0, Bash 5.2, Systemd 251.5, DBus 1.14.4, Git 2.38.0, Mesa 22.1.7, Texlive 2022, Openssh 9.1, Libssh 0.10.4, ZFS 2.1.6.

Obs-studio and Avidemux were transferred to build with Qt6.

Dracut is used to create initramfs images instead of mkinitcpio.

Updated Calamares installer. A virtual keyboard has been added that allows you to manage the installation of the system on devices without a keyboard. Provided option to select PulseAudio or Pipewire sound server (default). The slideshow shown during installation has been completely redesigned.

An option has been provided for use in the partitions of the installed ZFS file system.

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