Yesterday Linus Torvalds released the next stable version of Linux – this is the operating system kernel number 6.0. However, according to the developer, this is not a fundamental update – it’s just “so convenient” for him.

Linux 6.0 Introduced - Improved Performance on AMD Processors

Linus stated that there were no significant improvements to the system’s code. It’s all about the internal optimization of the assignment of versions to the kernels – the specialist decided not to “produce” versions under the number 5.xx, but immediately switched to the 6th branch. In his opinion, it is more convenient to work this way. But, despite this, the new kernel still has at least one very big improvement.

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Recently, an enthusiast discovered several lines of code in the Linux kernel code that interfered with the work of modern systems with Ryzen processors on board. The 20-year-old patch simply slowed down AMD’s multi-core chips by almost 50%. The problem was just fixed in the new version of the kernel.

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