The Zorin OS 16.2 release introduces improvements to the Windows Installer application, new features in Zorin Connect, and improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

Zorin OS 16.2 is the second point release of the distro based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

The developers report that since the release date in April 2021, the Zorin OS 16 distribution has been downloaded by users more than 3.5 million times.

ZorinOS 16.2 release. What's new

Zorin OS 16.2: What’s new

Short list of release improvements:

  • Improved Windows App Installer
  • Improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents
  • Improved Zorin Connect app
  • GDevelop tool added to Zorin OS Education

The new “Windows Application Support” menu is located in the “System Tools” section and is available for one-click installation.

The developers have expanded the built-in database to detect Windows Installer files for popular applications and games. The utility now provides even more customized recommendations for Windows executable download alternatives, helping to improve the user experience. For example, running the Windows game installers from the Epic Games Store or GOG Galaxy suggests installing the Heroic Games native program, which is the best way to play games from these digital stores on Zorin OS.

These improvements take the guesswork out of launching your favorite apps and games, no matter what platform they were originally designed for. This is another step towards making Zorin OS the most convenient and affordable alternative to Windows for ordinary users.

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Zorin Connect introduces new features

Zorin Connect is an application based on the popular KDE Connect program and serves for convenient integration of a smartphone with a computer.

Zorin Connect offers the following features for phone and computer integration:

  • Sync your phone notifications with your computer
  • Viewing photos from your phone
  • Reply to SMS messages
  • Send files and links between devices
  • Using your smartphone as a computer remote control

The Zorin Connect app for Android also received the following new features:

  • Share your phone’s clipboard with one tap from the main screen of the phone app.
  • Ability to display notifications on the computer when the phone screen is off
  • Added new media controls (for supported media players).
  • Allow setting action for left click in remote input
  • New “About” screen

The new version of the application adds the ability to view the battery status of the computer on the phone. The battery level and charging status are displayed in a new status bar at the bottom of the Zorin Connect Android app device screen.

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Improved compatibility with Microsoft Office documents

Zorin OS 16.2 adds alternatives to popular proprietary fonts to improve compatibility with Microsoft Office documents.

Font incompatibilities can cause documents to not only look different than intended, but layouts can also be changed and formatting messed up.

Zorin OS 16.2 comes with an updated set of fonts to help address this issue. The developers have introduced metric-compatible alternatives to some of the most popular open source fonts. The fonts are similar to their proprietary counterparts and have the same character sizes, so documents appear with the correct formatting.

List of alternative fonts in Zorin OS 16.2:

  • Carlito: an alternative to Calibri
  • Caladea: an alternative to Cambria
  • Gelasio: an alternative to the Georgia font
  • Selawik: Segoe UI Font Alternative
  • Comic Relief: Comic Sans Font Alternative
  • Arimo: an alternative to the Arial font
  • Tinos: an alternative to Times New Roman
  • Cousine: an alternative to Courier New

GDevelop tool in Zorin OS Education

GDevelop is a new tool. GDevelop is a game development software that reduces programming learning time and helps boost creativity.

ZorinOS 16.2 release. What's new

Other improvements

  • Improved physics for Jelly Mode (Jelly mode in Zorin Appearance) and added the ability to fully open the window.
  • Updated LibreOffice 7.4 application
  • GIMP 2.10.18
  • Firefox 106
  • Rhythmbox 3.4.4
  • GNOME Software 3.36.1
  • GNOME Maps 3.38.2
  • GNOME Calendar 3.38.2
  • Updated applications and graphics drivers
  • Compatibility with new equipment

Zorin OS 16.2 Core and Lite iso images are available for download:

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